Friday, June 26, 2009

Music Videos sighted on MTV

Alright so by now, I'm sure that you have heard about the death of Michael Jackson. The news, of course, has stopped all other news reports so that we can remember the man that grew up in the eyes of America. I personally only saw the last few years of his career and then his decent into personal eccentricities such as alleged child molestation. All of this being said, I would like to discuss the title of this post.

It's true...Sure, it's a grim reason to start playing music videos, but MTV, "Music Television " and I use the term "Music" lightly since they don't actually have much to do with music anymore, was actually playing music videos of the late singer. Is it just me or is it incredibly sad that it took the death of a music icon for MTV to play actual music videos, rather than such gems as "16 and pregnant", "Parental Control", or "Is She Really Dating Him?"? It's true that I do not understand the younger generation, but they too listen to music with their emo-poppy goodness, hip-hopera and so on. Do they prefer to see how people their own age choose to have children? Is it so they can emulate them? Or do they, like myself, enjoy laughing at the idiocy of these people that think that having a kid at 16 is something mommy and daddy will take care of?

So enjoy the music videos while they last. Sure they will only be the music videos of Michael Jackson, but at least they are music videos and not hot young women dating idiot young men, or young women getting pregnant, or parents trying to get their children to not make a mistake by dating a loser. MTV will never get back to playing music videos on a regular basis, but at least we can watch the youth of America continue to make stupid choices on television.

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Ryan said...

But that's why they made MTV2, MTV6, MTV132,000. I laugh at your original MTV.