Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want to pump (clap) you UP!

So, I had been tired of my workout routine for a while.  I think the mere fact that I could call it a routine suggests that it was boring and well awful in so many ways.  I like to be in shape, so that when I play soccer, I am not winded after about two sprints.  So I decided to search for something new and with the suggestion of my brother, this is what I found.

CrossFit is not easy, and maybe a little more in a workout program than most people want or need.  I found a nearby affiliate CrossFitRx, located at Wall Crawlers Climbing Gym.  Now before I gush about the program, I must first disclose that having access to the affiliate and there equipment as well as the coaching of the two coaches, Laura and Damon, does cost money, 150 dollars per month to be precise.  Now you could do CrossFit for free as long as you have access to the equipment and know how to do the movements.  I personally like not having to deal with that.  Also, I believe that if the destruction of my health, i.e. drinking is about 100 dollars a month, then the 150 dollar a month investment in improving my health is well worth it.

Now to gush.  I love the idea that I do not ever, I mean ever, think about what work out I am going to do on a given day.  I just do the workout from the site, and I'm done.  For the past two months, I have been sore in almost every area of my body, and believe the CrossFit motto should be, "Keeping you sore, daily".  I do not hope to suggest that everyone has the will to do this program, but if you find an affiliate you like, then this program will make you feel pretty damn good.  

Now the bad news, despite my participation in CrossFit, I have gained about 10 pounds in about two months.  I attribute this to not eating well, but when have I ever done that consistently.  I might have the will to workout, but lack the will to resist that large Papa John's pizza with extra sauce.

I'm going to change the eating habits a little and see how long that lasts, but I think I am going to stick with CrossFit for as long as I can afford it.  I really like it and prefer it to some stagnate gym with meatheads and girls trying to impress meatheads.


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